MA 4143/6143, Spring 2017

Wednesday, April 26

To help you study for the final, here is the final from Spring 2015. As usual, this is an old exam and not a practice exam, and the final we have this semester may differ markedly.

Saturday, March 25

Several students indicated interest in some homework solutions. So here is a fairly thorough solution to Homework 8, and a partial and sketchier solution to Homework 9.

Sunday, March 12

As promised, the homework due the Friday following Spring Break is now posted.
Also, here is the 2nd exam from Spring 2015. Topics covered and speed were slightly different, but it gives a general idea of what kind of exam I might give on a fairly similar list of topics.
Exam 2 this semester will cover the material we discussed between Feb 6 and Mar 20th, inclusive.

Wednesday, February 22

If you're interested in applications of Sperner's Lemma, there is a New York Times article which explains how to use Sperner's Lemma to divide the rent of a 3-bedroom apartment using Sperner's. More precise details can be found in Francis Su's article.

Monday, February 20

Progress grades for the course are now up on mybanner. Your progress grade coincides with my estimate of the letter corresponding with your exam grade -- once again, the lowest A/B/C grades are 28/23/16.
The material on the first exam is a bit more abstract than the rest of the course, and you're still getting used to both the method of thinking as well as the format of the course. In the past, I have frequently given moderately to significantly higher grades to students at the end than at this first progress grade, particularly in the presence of increasing exam scores and a solid record of turning in homework.

Friday, February 10

A solution to Homework 4 is now posted.
I understand that there will be a weekend review session. Details will be hashed out in the course's Slack channel.

Tuesday, February 7

By popular request, I'm posting the first exam from Spring '15, which is the last time this course was offered. I expect our first exam to have a generally similar format.

Monday, February 6

I won't write solutions to every homework, but I will do so for the first few (and especially leading into the first exam). So here is a solution to Homework 3 is available.

Tuesday, January 31

As requested, a solution to Homework 2 is available here.

Monday, January 9

Welcome to MA 4143/6143! The syllabus is linked via the ☰ menuat the left.

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