MA 3513, Spring 2017

Saturday, April 29

To help you study, here are the pdfs of Quiz 11 and Quiz 12.

Friday, April 28

A brief overview of the topics we've discussed since Exam 2 may be found here.

Monday, April 10

As announced in class on Friday, I estimate the lowest A/B/C grades to be 35/28/18, similar to Exam 1.

Sunday, April 2

We discussed Mary Ellen Rudin today. Here is an interview with her from 1986, and here are some memories shared by friends and colleagues of hers shortly after her death.

Sunday, April 2

I've now posted guidelines for writing a final paper proposal. If you're interested, the deadline will be next Monday, April 10th.

Saturday, March 25

As promised, here is a brief overview of what we've talked about since the last exam.

Monday, February 20

We discussed R.L. Moore and Inquiry-Based Learning (the Moore Method) today. The MAA keeps a list of resources for people interested in IBL-type techniques.
You might also find rather interesting these reminiscences from a mathematician who was a young man in Texas around the latter part of Moore's life.

Monday, February 20

We were talking about the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem today in class. I was therefore interested to see an overview article appear in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society.
The article is aimed at people who know a fair bit of math, but not necessarily anything about Wiles' proof. If you've had Modern Algebra, and are willing to skip over some words you don't know in order to get the gist, then you should be able to read some of it.
It is interesting to see history developing as we watch! 20 years after the proof, it is possible to begin to gain some perspective.

Monday, February 20

Progress grades for the course are now up on mybanner. Your progress grade coincides with my estimate of the letter corresponding with your exam grade -- once again, the lowest A/B/C grades are 35/28/18. (In the actual grade tabulation, I expect that homework/quizzes will bring most students up slightly or moderately.)

Thursday, February 9

As promised, here is a brief overview of what we've talked about in the past month. It includes both a timeline (with especially important items starred), and also a brief overview of the main ideas.
I've also updated the schedule, and have posted a homework for next Friday.

Monday, January 23

This article describe what Euclid knew and/or didn't know about the 5 regular polyhedra, and shows how to recognize that e.g. a solid having 5 pentagonal faces meeting at each vertex must be a dodecahedron.

Friday, January 13

The homework for next week is now posted.
Also, you may find this webpage interesting. It explains some of the details of how to read the Plimpton 322 cuneiform tablet.

Monday, January 9

Welcome to MA 3513! The syllabus is linked at the left.

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