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Schedule of topics: MA 4163/6163, Spring 2015

Date Chapter       Description 
Jan 12      1A Introduction, bijections
Jan 14 1B Permutation groups, examples
Jan 16 1C Cancellation, isomorphisms

Jan 19 Martin Luther King Day! (no class)
Jan 21 1C-2A Comparing groups, subgroups
Jan 23 2A Generating subgroups, cyclic groups

Jan 26 2A Cyclic group facts, subgroup lattices
Jan 28 2B Centralizers, centers, and characteristic subgroups
Jan 30 2B Automorphisms and inner automorphisms

Feb 2 2B-2C Normal subgroups, setwise products
Feb 4 2C Cosets
Feb 6 2D Normalizers

Feb 9 3A Quotient groups, homomorphisms
Feb 11 3A The Isomorphism Theorem
Feb 13 3A The Diamond Theorem and Correspondence Theorem

Feb 16 3A Consequences of Correspondence Theorem
Feb 18 3B The commutator subgroup and abelianization
Feb 20 4A Group actions

Feb 23 Exam 1
Feb 25 Snow day (class cancelled)
Feb 27 4A Exam solutions, kernel and stabilizers

Mar 2 4A Using core H to find nontrivial normal subgroups
Mar 4 4B Orbits and transitive actions
Mar 6 4C The Orbit-Stabilizer Theorem and FCP

Mar 9 Spring Break! (no class)
Mar 11 Spring Break! (no class)
Mar 13 Spring Break! (no class)

Mar 16 4C Applications of the FCP
Mar 18 5A The Sylow E Theorem
Mar 20 5A The Sylow E Theorem (proof)

Mar 23 5A The Sylow C/D Theorems
Mar 25 5A Sylow Counting and applications
Mar 27

Mar 30
Apr 1
Apr 3 Religious holiday! (no class)

Apr 6
Apr 8 Exam 2
Apr 10

Apr 13
Apr 15
Apr 17

Apr 20
Apr 22
Apr 24

Apr 27
Apr 29

May 1 Final exam   (12:00 - 3:00pm)

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