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Textbook errata

Errata for the textbook can be found at . You might also find it of mild interest to browse through the rest of Matoušek's homepage — I particularly like the quotation about the frog.


  • J.A. Bondy and U.S.R. Murty, Graph Theory.
    Unfortunately, this has become harder to find since the retirement of the authors, who used to have an electronic copy for free download on their homepage. You can still order it from Amazon or Springer. It was the textbook for MA 4143 in some previous semesters.
    The same authors also have another, older book, titled Graph Theory with Applications, which is somewhat shorter.

  • Miklos Bona, A Walk Through Combinatorics.
    Much like the Matoušek and Nešetřil book, this covers combinatorics more broadly than just graph theory. I find this book to also be quite readable. It is more comprehensive and at a slightly higher level when compared with Matoušek and Nešetřil.

  • Reinhard Diestel, Graph Theory.
    This book is at a somewhat higher level than the Matoušek and Nešetřil book. An old edition is easily (and legally) available from Diestel's homepage. It used to be free for download as a pdf, but now is available in some kind of "walled garden" online reader. (He'll still sell you a pdf, and this was not too pricey at my last visit.)


Wikipedia is, perhaps surprisingly, not a bad source for background material on basic definitions and results in many areas of mathematics, including graph theory.