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MA 4163/6163, Spring 2013

Thursday Apr 25

A list of topics covered since Exam 2 is here. I've also updated the schedule through the last day of class.
Good luck on the final!

Friday Apr 5

I've posted the handout on symmetric groups.

Wednesday Apr 3

Exam 2 solutions are now available.

Monday Mar 25

The promised list of Exam 2 topics is now available.

Saturday Mar 23

I'll have an extra office hour on Tuesday, 4-6pm. (Mar 26)
My Thursday Mar 28 office hour is cancelled.

Thursday Mar 21

1. We agreed in class to move the exam to Wednesday, Mar 27. It'll cover through Mar 20.
2. The homework tune-up is tomorrow (Friday) 4-6pm in Allen 411. Come, bring your homework questions.
3. A hint for the hw due tomorrow:
Homework hint:  In 5.10, |G| = 90 is perhaps an order of magnitude harder than the others. By routine computations as with the other you'll be able to get it down to a specific number of Syl_5 and Syl_3, and several possibilities for Syl_2. If the Sylow 3-subgroups all have trivial intersection, then use element counting. Otherwise, some pair S and T of Sylow 3-subgroups have nontrivial intersection. Find the normalizer of this intersection. (This is exactly similar to the example of order 144 from class.)

Wednesday, February 20

I've written some solutions to Exam 1. (I'll hand these out in hard copy on Friday.)

Also, the homework for this week is posted (updated this morning with one more problem). The due date is deferred to Monday, in deference to core exams. As announced in class today, I'll have an extra office hour Sunday 4-6pm.

Tuesday, February 12

I've posted a pdf of Exam 1.

Friday, January 25

I've posted the new homework.
Also, the schedule of topics is now updated through today's lecture. Note that the exam is coming up on February 11.

Monday, January 14

Office hours are set for Thursday 12-3 + by appointment. (Appointments should generally be for days other than Thursday.)

Also, I've updated the links section with discussion of some other algebra texts that I recommend for reference, or anti-recommend as somewhat too elementary.

Saturday, January 12

Here is a link to a NY Times piece which mentions the Rubik's cube as an example in group theory. Wikipedia also has a nice article on the Rubik's cube group.

Also, the homework is now posted.

Monday, January 7

Welcome to MA 4163/6163! The syllabus is linked at the left.

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