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MA 3053, Fall 2016

Monday, December 11

Final grades are now posted. Have a wonderful break!

Thursday, September 15

To help you prepare for next week's exam, I've posted the first exam from last fall.

Wednesday, September 14

I'm taking part (ii) off of Exercise 1.29. (But please do the other parts.)

Tuesday, August 16

You'll want a printed copy of the book. One option would be to print chapters as you need them at home. Another option would be to take it by CopyCow and ask them to put it in a coursepack-style binder.
A third option, if you prefer your books to actually be in the shape of books, would be to order it from a print-on-demand company. PC Magazine gives good reviews for text-based books to and

Tuesday, August 16

Welcome to MA 3053! The syllabus is linked at the left.

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