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MA 2733, August, 2016

Meeting times and locations
Section 8: TTh 12:30pm – 1:45pm    McCool 225   

(This syllabus does not apply to sections other than 8.)

Web page:

MA 2733 is a continuation of MA 1723. We will start by considering parametric equations, a generalization of the functions you have studied so far in Calculus classes. We will then discuss sequences, series, and Taylor series. We will close the course with vector geometry in 3 dimensions, including differentiation/integration of vector functions (paths).

The prerequisite is a grade of C or better in Calculus 2 (MA 1723).

Instructor info:
Dr. Russ Woodroofe
Office: Allen 418
rwoodroofe at math,msstate,edu

Office hours:
Office hours: Wednesday, 4:15 - 5:45pm
I'm also pleased to meet by appointment -- after class may often be a good time to talk to me.
I can often answer focused questions by email, which I check regularly.

Stewart, Calculus, 8th edition.
We will cover most of chapters 10-13, as shown in the schedule.

Class Format
In lectures, I will discuss new material from the textbook. The course schedule will give you an estimate of where I will be in the book on any given day, although I may run slightly ahead or behind. Please read the relevant section before coming to class.
There will be an ungraded worksheet most weeks. Working through most or all of the problems in a timely fashion may help you greatly. We will take some class time to work on these while we are discussing sequences and series.
It is very important to ask questions in class when you are confused.

Assignments and Exams
Problem sets will be graded on the Webassign system. They will be assigned roughly twice a week, and will usually be due at midnight on Mondays and Thursdays.
I reserve the right to give occasional quizzes.

MA 2733 will have 3 in-class midterm exams and a final. The final is common to all sections of MA 2733, and so is at night. See the course schedule.
MA 2733 will have a short project using Mathematica. You can download Mathematica (without additional cost) at
or use it in the computer laboratory in Allen 414.

Exam Policies
You'll need to bring your MSState student id and writing implements to each exam. Don't bring scratch paper; there will be space on the exam itself, and I'll have more scratch paper available on request.
You may not use calculators or cell phones during exams. Use of such will constitute an honor code violation.

For midterms examinations: You may bring a 3x5 formula card to the midterm exams.
For the final exam: No formula card will be permitted. Some formulas may be provided on the exam, as will be announced in class closer to the exam date.

Exam Absences
Please add the exam dates to your calendar now. If you are away due to a university sporting event, then you may be able to arrange for your coach to administer the exam. Excused absences may be granted in case of severe illness, bereavement, or other extraordinary circumstances.

I will not usually formally take attendance. This does not mean that attendance is optional: I expect you to attend every class meeting. If, for reasons beyond your control, you miss days of class, I ask you to keep count of them. I will ask you for your count on the first exam.

Your course grade will be determined from the following components:
Midterm exams        18% each
Final exam25%
Homework and quizzes19%
Mathematica assignments      2%

As you can see, exams make up 79% of your grade, and as a result you should take each one very seriously.
I won't give extra credit after poor exam performance -- I'd rather have you focus your efforts toward the next exam!
I won't drop an exam grade. However, if the grade on your first or second midterm is significantly lower than your other grades, I will consider it at the end, and will partially negate the effect of the low score on your grade.

Class attendance and participation may be used to decide border cases.

Approximate letter grades for each midterm exam will be announced in class.
For the total of homeworks, quizzes, and Mathematica assignments, approximate letter grade correspondence will not be stricter than:
80-89        B

If you are taking the course Pass/Fail, you need to do the equivalent of C work to pass.

Honor Code
Mississippi State University has an honor code, which applies to all students and all classes (including this one). See .

Title IX
MSU is committed to complying with Title IX, a federal law that prohibits discrimination, including violence and harassment, based on sex. This means that MSU’s educational programs and activities must be free from sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and other forms of sexual misconduct. See .

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