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MA 2733 (Calculus 3), Section 8, Fall 2016

Monday, December 12

Final grades are now posted. Have a wonderful break!

Tuesday, December 6

Solutions for all three of our mid-term exams are already posted. For your convenience, here are links to all three: Exam 1 Exam 2 Exam 3.

Wednesday, November 30

Note that the final is to be held in Allen 19, Dec 7, 7-10pm. Notice the room change. That's a week from today.
To answer any questions, I'll hold an office hour on Tuesday, Dec 6, 3-6pm.

Sunday, November 27

As previously announced, you won't get a 3x5 card for use on the final. Instead, we'll have a number of useful formulas summarized on the exam itself. The formula sheet we'll use is linked here.

Tuesday, November 22

To help you study for the final, I've now posted solutions for Exam 2 and Exam 3.

Wednesday, November 16

A bit belatedly, here is Worksheet 7, as we discussed yesterday in class.

Tuesday, November 15

The Exam 3 solutions link will now work.

Tuesday, November 8

The year on the Mathematica assignment is now correctly listed as 2016.

Thursday, November 3

Here are the Grapher files for the ellipsoid and saddle surface that I showed in class today. These will work on any recent Mac. There are similar programs available for the PC; you can also plot functions (with slightly more trouble) in Mathematica.

Monday, October 31

The Mathematica assignment is linked here. Please note that you will need to right-click on it and choose the "Save link as..." or "Download link..." menu item. Opening it in your browser and doing "Save as..." will _not_ work.
On a closely related note, here is a Mathematica tutorial to get you started. We will go through a significant portion of this file on Thursday in Allen 14.

Thursday, October 27

The lowest A/B/C's on Exam 2 are 31/26/19.
You'll recall that the lowest A/B/C's on Exam 1 were 30/25/18. Also, here are the solutions to Exam 1.

Tuesday, October 18

The solutions to Exam 2 from Fall 2015 are now posted.
Also available is Worksheet 6.

Tuesday, October 11

... and here is Worksheet 5.

Monday, October 10

Worksheet 4 is posted, somewhat belated.

Tuesday, September 21

And here is Worksheet 3, as discussed yesterday in class.

Tuesday, September 20

I've now posted the Solution to F15 Exam 1.

Thursday, September 15

My calculus exam solutions from the last few years. Note that the links for 2015 don't yet work. I'll post Exam 1 closer to the exam date.
I don't have solutions available for finals, and don't intend to write any.

  Exam 1 Solutions   F12 F13A F14 F15
  Exam 2 Solutions F12 F13A F13B F14 F15
  Exam 3 Solutions F12 F13A F13B F14 F15

Wednesday, September 14

Finally, here's worksheet 2, as we worked on in class yesterday.
This is the last post for today, I promise. :-) I'll put solutions for some of the old exams up tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 14

Several students have requested a review of trig and exponentials. Here's a summary/review of the basic trig stuff I think you should know, on one page (front and back). It's missing the double-angle formulas that we've used for integration, which are a little more specialized. Here's a similar summary/review of exponentials and log functions.

Wednesday, September 14

My Calc 3 exams from the last few years:
  Exam 1   F12 F13A F13B F14 F15
  Exam 2 F12 F13A F13B F14 F15
  Exam 3 F12 F13A F13B F14 F15
  Final F12 F13A F13B F14 F15

The order of topics in F14 and F15 is similar to that of this year, and the Exam 1 from these years should give a good estimate of what this year's Exam 1 might look like. The order of topics in preceding years was somewhat different. Some of the material from our exam corresponds with parts of Exam 1 in the previous 2 years; the rest of it with parts of Exam 3.

Some advice on the True/False section of my exams: you'll notice that a correct answer is worth 2 points, while an incorrect answer is worth -2 points. You are allowed to leave a blank for some questions. If you're unsure, leaving it blank might be a reasonable strategy!
(But don't leave them all blank -- I won't give negative credit, so you might as well put something down for some of them!)

Thursday, September 8

The worksheet from Tuesday is posted here.

Wednesday, August 17

Webassign is now set up. Your login is the same as your netid. Your password is initially set to be your student id number. (You'll want to change that the first time you log in, of course!)
A first homework, due Monday, is already up.

Monday, August 15

Welcome to Calc 3. The Syllabus and Schedule are linked at the left.
Homeworks will be on Webassign, which many of you will be familiar with from an earlier class.

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