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MA 2733 (Calculus 3), Sections 2 & 8, Fall 2015

Thursday, December 3

I'll have pre-exam office hours Tuesday 10am-11:30am, and Wednesday 3:30pm-5pm.

Tuesday, December 1

As promised in class, here are the Solutions to Exam 2 and the Solutions to Exam 3.

Tuesday, November 24

As announced in class, the lowest A/B/C score on Exam 3 is roughly 32/27/20.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 16

Per popular request, here are the solutions to Exam 3 from Fall 2014.

Sunday, November 15

I'll be in my office tomorrow (Monday), from 3:30 - 5pm.

Wednesday, November 11

Worksheet 10 is up. We'll discuss it this afternoon in Calculus Review at 3:30pm in Allen 24.
It is worth your while to find some problems about traces before the exam, such as the problem on the reverse of this worksheet!

Wednesday, November 4

Worksheet 9 is now posted, and will be discussed this afternoon in Calculus Review (at 3:30pm, in Allen 24).

Wednesday, October 28

Here is Worksheet 8, as is to be discussed in Calculus Review this afternoon (3:30pm, Allen 24).

Friday, October 23

The Mathematica assignment is now posted. Due Nov 10th.

Wednesday, October 21

No calculus review today. (I'll be grading exams, instead.)

Wednesday, October 21

We'll be discussing the following Getting started Mathematica notebook. Download it to your computer by right-click on the link and choosing "Download linked file" (or similar, depending on your browser).
A left-click may properly download it, depending on your browser. But do not left-click on it to view it as a text file and then do a File | Save, as this will cut off part of the file.

Monday, October 19

Also, here are the solutions to Exam 2 from Fall 2014.

Monday, October 19

I'll be in my office this afternoon, from 3:30 until at least 5:30 or so.

Tuesday, October 13

Here is Worksheet 7, as is to be discussed in class and in Calculus Review tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, October 7

Here are solutions to Exam 1.
Also, Worksheet 6, to be discussed in Calculus Review this afternoon, is now posted.

Thursday, October 1

Exam 1 is graded. I estimate the lowest A/B/C grade to be a 30/25/18.
You might also have noticed that a "Progress Report" grade has been posted to mybanner. The Progress Report grade is exactly your Exam 1 grade, and does not include any Webassign, etc.

Thursday, October 1

Worksheet 5, as discussed in the Calculus Review yesterday, is now posted.

Wednesday, September 23

As announced in class, there's no Calculus Review session this week, due to the exam yesterday.

Monday, September 21

Here are the solutions to Exam 1 of Fall 2014.

Sunday, September 20

As announced in class, you should have emailed me by first thing tomorrow morning if you have a lab conflict with the exam.

Thursday, September 17

My Calc 3 exams solutions for Fall 2012 and 2013:
  Exam 1   F12 F13A -
  Exam 2 F12 F13A F13B
  Exam 3 F12 F13A F13B

I don't usually write solutions for finals, as these have limited value. I'm also missing a solution to one of the exams from Fall '13. I don't plan to write additional solutions for old exams now (please don't ask).

Wednesday, September 16

Worksheet 4 is now posted.

Thursday, September 10

My Calc 3 exams from the last few years:
  Exam 1   F12 F13A F13B F14
  Exam 2 F12 F13A F13B F14
  Exam 3 F12 F13A F13B F14
  Final F12 F13A F13B F14

The order of topics last year is similar to that of this year, and F14's Exam 1 should give a good estimate of what this year's Exam 1 might look like. The order of topics in preceding years was somewhat different. Some of the material from our exam corresponds with parts of Exam 1 in the previous 2 years; the rest of it with parts of Exam 3.

Some advice on the True/False section of my exams: you'll notice that a correct answer is worth 2 points, while an incorrect answer is worth -2 points. You are allowed to leave a blank for some questions. If you're unsure, leaving it blank might be a reasonable strategy!
(But don't leave them all blank -- I won't give negative credit, so you might as well put something down for some of them!)

Wednesday, September 9

Worksheet 3 is now posted. We'll take some time in class, and talk about it more in the Calculus Review session this afternoon in Allen 24.

Wednesday, September 2

Here is Worksheet 2, which we'll talk through at the Calculus Review session this afternoon.
Also, there were a couple of typos on Worksheet 1 from last week, which are now fixed.

Tuesday, September 1

The Calculus Review is set for the rest of the semester to run Wednesdays 3:30-5:00pm in Allen 24.

Wednesday, August 26

As mentioned, we'll be looking at some problems from a worksheet (linked here) this afternoon, in order to give a focus to this Calculus Review Session. You should also feel free to bring homework questions, or any other calculus questions you might have.
The review will be held 4-5:30pm in Allen 19. We don't have it officially booked, since the people who officially book rooms are not responding to my emails, but I understand that it will be open at that time.

Friday, August 21

As promised, I'm posting here a review of trig functions, as well as a review of exponential and log functions.
Don't forget that there is a homework due on Monday!

Wednesday, August 19

I've added all of you to the class on WebAssign, and the first homework (due Monday) will be posted later today.
Your login id is the same as your netid. I've set (or reset, if you already had a WebAssign account) your password to be your student id #. You'll of course want to change your password at first login.

Monday, August 17

Welcome to Calc 3. The Syllabus and Schedule are linked at the left.
Homeworks will be on Webassign, which many of you will be familiar with from an earlier class.

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