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MA 4133/6133, Fall 2014

Wednesday, October 22

We agreed on Monday that we would move the exam to an as-yet unspecified day on the week of Nov 10-14. The other two class sessions that week will be cancelled, and we will instead have an extra 50*2 minutes the following Thursday, Nov 21st.

Sunday, September 21

Belatedly, the topics for the exam are everything we covered through last Wednesday. This includes problems on subsets, compositions, partitions, functions, and permutations. The main techniques we have examined include elementary counting, use of the Binomial Theorem, and the technique of combinatorial bijection/injection.

Monday, September 15

Also, the course schedule is now up to date with what we have covered each day.

Monday, September 15

So you may get a general feeling as to how I approach exams, I'm posting last spring's MA 4143 Exam 1 here.

Monday, August 18

Welcome to MA 4133/6133! The syllabus is linked at the left.

Last modified December 02, 2014