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MA 2733 (Calculus 3), Section 7, Fall 2014

Saturday, December 6

For your studying convenience, solutions for Exam 3 are now available.

Wednesday, December 3

1. I'll be holding office hours Monday Dec 8 5-7pm and Tuesday Dec 9 2-4pm.

2. You may use up to 4 3x5 cards, or else 1 letter sized (8.5 x 11) piece of paper for notes during the exam. Thus, if you wanted to come in with your note cards from previous exams plus one more, you'd be within your allowance.

3. As announced in class, the approximate grade distribution on Exam 3 is similar to that on Exam 2. That is, the lowest scores on Exam 3 corresponding to A/B/C's were a 32/27/20.

Tuesday, November 18

Belatedly, here is Worksheet 11, which has several problems with good practice for traces.

Thursday, November 6

We'll talk about Worksheet 10 in today's Calculus Review session, at the usual time and place of 3:30pm/Allen 19.

Monday, November 3

Note that Webassign is very particular in how you enter your vector notation in the last couple of problems. You need the vector version of i,j, and k, which you can enter from the "palette". (Just typing it from the keyboard does not seem to work.)

Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween! I've now written some (spooky?) Exam 2 solutions.

Thursday, October 30

As promised, here is the Mathematica assignment. It is due on Monday, November 17th. It will likely take you about an afternoon to work through.

Thursday, October 30

Here is Worksheet 9 for today's Calculus Review session (usual time of 3:30 - 5:00pm, in our usual classroom of Allen 19).

Tuesday, October 28

As mentioned yesterday, the approximate lowest score on Exam 2 corresponding to an A/B/C was a 32/27/20.

Monday, October 27

We'll be discussing the following Getting started Mathematica notebook. Download it to your computer by right-click on the link and choosing "Download linked file" (or similar, depending on your browser).
Do not left-click on it and then do a File | Save, as this will cut off part of the file.

Sunday, October 26

There is a computer lab available in Allen 414 where you'll be able to work on Mathematica projects. If you prefer to work on your own laptop, it is possible to install Mathematica on your own machine. Mississippi State has a site license, which means that you can install it and use it on your own machine at NO CHARGE for as long as you are a student.
Go to the ITS webpage
and carefully follow the directions for Mathematica there.

Wednesday, October 15

Worksheet 8, from today's class. From here on out, we won't take class time to talk about worksheets (but they'll still be posted online, and I'll still be available to talk about them in Calculus Review).

Friday, October 10

There was an error in the last problem on Wednesday's worksheet -- problem 4 should not have asked for the interval of convergence, only the radius of convergence. (Check the endpoints involves taking a hard limit, which is beyond the scope of Calc 3.) The online version of the worksheet has been updated.

Wednesday, October 8

Latest worksheet is Worksheet 7, hot off the presses! (to discuss today)

Wednesday, October 1

Here is Worksheet 6, which we will discuss in class today.

Monday, September 29

I've written some solutions for Exam 1.

Sunday, September 28

The lowest scores on the exam which I estimate to be A/B/C's are 30/25/18.
If you got below a C on the exam, then I sent you an email (to your @msstate address).

Tuesday, September 23

Also, some advice on the True/False section of my exams: you'll notice that a correct answer is worth 2 points, while an incorrect answer is worth -2 points. You are allowed to leave a blank for some questions. If you're unsure, leaving it blank might be a reasonable strategy!
(But don't leave them all blank -- I won't give negative credit, so you might as well put something down for some of them!)

Tuesday, September 23

My Calc 3 exams solutions from the last couple of years:
  Exam 1   F12 F13A -
  Exam 2 F12 F13A F13B
  Exam 3 F12 F13A F13B

I'm giving you all the solutions I wrote in previous years. If it's not up here, I don't have it. In particular, I don't usually write solutions for the finals, as these have limited value. I don't plan to write additional solutions for these old exams now (please don't ask).

Wednesday, September 17

We'll spend some class time on the linked worksheet (as well as discussing it in the Calculus Review session on Thursday).

Monday, September 15

My Calc 3 exams from the last couple of years:
  Exam 1   F12 F13A F13B
  Exam 2 F12 F13A F13B
  Exam 3 F12 F13A F13B
  Final F12 F13A F13B

I'm doing things in a somewhat different order this year as compared to the previous 2 years. Some of the material from this exam corresponds with parts of Exam 1 in the previous 2 years; the rest of it with parts of Exam 3.

Wednesday, September 10

The worksheet we talked about today is now up. If you want to talk about it (or anything else calculus-related), tomorrow in the Calculus Review would be a good time!

Friday, September 5

I've prepared a review sheet for trig and also a review sheet for exponentials and logs. If you're fuzzy on how to work with these important functions, these sheets have most of the facts that you'll need in life (and on one page each, front and back).

Thursday, September 4

Another Thursday, another calculus review. The worksheet is linked here.

Thursday, August 28

Calculus review this afternoon! A worksheet to talk about is posted. (You can, as usual, ask me any other questions you might have as well.)

Monday, August 25

Hint on hw1 #11: Our formula from class was for the area between a parametric curve and the x-axis. If you instead want to find the area between a curve and the y-axis, then you can switch the roles of x and y!
(Also, to find the interval on which to integrate, you'll need to find where the curve intersects the y-axis.)

Thursday, August 21

The room for the Calculus Review will be Allen 19. That's the same room as we meet in for regularly scheduled classes.
As a focus point, we'll have the linked worksheet to talk about. (You can of course ask me any other questions you might have, as well.)

Monday, August 18

I've set up webassign. Your login is your NetID. Your password is set to your student ID # for now. You should change your password at your first convenience. The institution is (of course) msstate.
A "hw0" assignment is posted. It is a selection of medium-difficulty derivatives, integrals, and limits, and is due Thursday.

Monday, August 18

Welcome to Calc 3. The Syllabus and Schedule are linked at the left.
Homeworks will be on Webassign, which many of you will be familiar with from an earlier class.

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