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MA 2733 (Calculus 3), Sections 1 and 7, Fall 2013

Wednesday, January 8

This page will remain available for the forseeable future as (But if you were using the synonym without the f13, that may stop working at some point.)

Friday, December 13

Grading is completed, and final grades are posted (and should be visible).
As most of you know, there was a serious typo on the 12pm final exam. Several of you turned in your final before this was fixed. I noted which exams were turned in before the fix, and graded this problem with this in mind (read, generously!).

Wednesday, December 4

A. A number of you have asked me to estimate what grade you're getting, going into the final. Let me tell you how I calculate that (so you can calculate it for yourself):

1) I pull up the syllabus. There's a 100 point grade table there, as well as a weighting of exams and assignments.
2) I take the grade estimates provided in class for each exam, and translate them to a 100 point scale.
3) I take an estimate of how you've done in webassign/mathematica.
4) I combine the known grades according to the published weighting. I.e.
     .17*E1 + .17*E2 + .17*E3 + .2*HW + .03*M
5) I divide by .74 = (1 - .26) to find your course average so far.

It is an easy exercise to play "what-if" games about what your grade will be given certain grades on the final. Please note that I'll calculate your grade according to several alternative formulas and take the highest, so that my calculation of your final average may be a little higher than your estimate (but it shouldn't be lower, asssuming you've carried out these steps faithfully).

B. The final exam times are:
     10am section: Fri Dec 6 8-11am
     12pm section: Fri Dec 6 12-3pm
as per

Tuesday, December 3

I finished solutions for Exam 1, 10am version, but ran out of steam for the 12pm version and am posting what I have now.

Tuesday, December 3

Don't forget: the Mathematica 2 project is due tonight (with an automatic extension tomorrow).
Also: there's a slight typo. The summation on the last problem (the series for 1/(1+x)) should start at 0, rather than 1.

Monday, December 2

Two more things:
1) The worksheet from today is also available as a pdf, in case you didn't get the hard copy.
2) Here are solutions to Exam 2: for the 10am and 12pm sections.

Monday, December 2

Finally, the final exams from my sections of last fall are posted here and here. I will not post solutions to these, and am providing them "as is".

Monday, December 2

Also, as announced in class today, the final will be generally a similar format to the midterm exams. It will be somewhat longer, and there won't be an "Explain" question taken from a list. (But note that many questions about power series and Taylor series have an "explain" feel to them.)
You may use up to 4 3x5 cards or 1 8.5x11 piece of paper.

My office hours for exam week are W 1-4 and Th 4-7. I can be available this afternoon and Tuesday by appointment.

Monday, December 2

Pdfs files for Exam 3 are available:
     10am     10am solutions
     12pm     12pm solutions

The lowest A/B/C/D in the 10am section was reported to be 33/26/18/8.
The lowest A/B/C/D in the 12pm section was reported to be 35/28/20/10.

Monday, November 18

Solutions to last years Exam 3 are now posted.

Sunday, November 17

I'll be in my office Monday from 5-7pm, and Tuesday 2-4pm to answer any last minute questions as you prepare for the exam Wednesday.
Note I added a topic to yesterday's post (indicated in red).

Saturday, November 16

The main proofs/explanations that would be 'fair game' for the exam are:

Explain why a positive series is either bounded and convergent, or else diverges to infinity.
Explain why a geometric series diverges if r > 1.
Explain why a geometric series converges to a / (1 - r) if r < 1.
Be able to "draw a picture" of why the integral test works.
Explain convergence of 1/np series.
Explain how to rearrange the terms of a conditionally converging series to add to 100.
Prove that an absolutely converging series converges.
Prove the case of the Ratio Test where L > 1.

Friday, November 15

Worksheet 10 is now posted. Proof topics for Exam 3 will be up by tomorrow.

Thursday, November 14

Exam 3 from my Fall 2012 sections of MA 2733 is now posted.

Wednesday, November 13

The second Mathematica assignment is now posted, due Dec 3.

Friday, November 8

Worksheet 9 is now posted. (I corrected the typos we found in the 10am section.)

Wednesday, November 6

The first Mathematica assignment is now posted, due Nov 15.

Friday, November 1

Worksheet 8 from class today is posted.

Also posted are pdf files of Exam 2:
          10am section version
          12pm section version
(The ordering of T/F questions may vary.)

The lowest A/B/C/D in the 10am section was reported to be 37/30/22/12.
The lowest A/B/C/D in the 12pm section was reported to be 36/29/21/11.

Monday, October 28

Homework 17 is now posted, due for Friday (because I couldn't bring myself to make a homework that was due at midnight on Halloween! :-) )

Tuesday, October 22

Solutions to the old exam posted the other day (from my Fall 2012 sections of MA 2733) are now posted.
I'll be in my office today until at least 2pm for your last minute questions, and will be checking my email all afternoon and tonight.

Sunday, October 20

Exam 2 from my Fall 2012 sections of MA 2733 is now posted.
Also posted is Worksheet 7 from class on Friday.

Wednesday, October 16

The main proofs that would be 'fair game' for the exam are:

Show that the tangent vector is calculated by differentiating each component.
Derive any one of the vector differentiation rules on p826.
Show that curvature is |T'| / |r'|.
Explain why T' is orthogonal to T (including the proof of the lemma)
Derive the formula for r'' in the TNB basis.

Monday, October 14

Webassign has been down a good portion of the evening. As soon as it goes back up, I plan to give a classwide extension of 24 hours.

Friday, October 4

Worksheet 6 from today's calculus workshop is now posted.
Reminder: there will be no calculus workshop on Oct 11 or Oct 18, as I'll be at conferences both weekends.

Monday, September 30

Here is a pdf file of Exam 1:
          10am section version
          12pm section version
(The ordering of T/F questions may vary.)

The lowest A/B/C/D in the 10am section was reported to be 35/28/20/10.
The lowest A/B/C/D in the 12pm section was reported to be 36/29/21/11.

Tuesday, September 24

Somewhat belatedly, I've now posted Worksheet 5 (from last Friday, on cross products and planes).

Monday, September 23

Also, I'll be in my office tomorrow afternoon from 1pm until at least 4pm.

Monday, September 23

As promised, the solutions to last year's Exam 1 are now posted.

Thursday, September 19

The main proofs that we've discussed in class are as follows:

Derive the slope of a tangent line to a parametric equation.
Derive the area under a parametric equation.
Derive the slope of the tangent to a polar curve (from that for parametric).
Derive the arc length of a polar curve (from that for parametric).
Show the dot product a dot b = 0 if and only if a and b are orthogonal.
Derive the formula for the projection of b onto a.
Show the cross product a x b is orthogonal to a.

Any of these would be fair game on the upcoming exam.

Thursday, September 19

I've posted Exam 1 from my Fall 2012 sections of MA2733. I covered slightly different material with slightly different emphasis last fall, but this should give you a general feel as to what one of my exams may look like.

Monday, September 16

Webassign is still being unreliable today, and I've extended the homework til tomorrow.

Friday, September 13

The worksheet from today's calculus workshop is now posted.

Monday, September 9

Webassign had an hour or so of downtime, and may continue to be unreliable this evening; as a result I've given an extra day on hw5. (hw 6 is also posted, due Thursday as usual.)

Friday, September 6

The worksheet from today's calculus workshop is now posted.

Sunday, September 1

The worksheet from Friday's calculus workshop is now posted.

Monday, August 26

The process for getting an activation key for Mathematica is complicated, and appears to be currently just slightly broken. Here's how to make it work:

  1. Go to the ITS software download site, and click on "Mathematica for Home Use".
  2. Choose "Download", and sign in.
  3. Click to register at Wolfram's site. You must link the account with your Mississippi State email account.
  4. This is where the process is broken. Wolfram is apparently supposed to at that point send you an email with an activation link, and they never do. Instead, go back to the ITS software download site, click through to Download again, and click again to register at Wolfram's site. Instead of registering, sign in with your previously created Wolfram ID. It will then take you to a page where it'll ask you a few questions, and then give you the activation code you need.

I'll have a bit of time after the 12:00pm class (around 12:50pm) to answer questions and help with setup. I'll be somewhere between Allen 14 and my office in Allen 418.

Monday, August 26

We'll be discussing the following Getting started Mathematica notebook. Download it to your computer by right-click on it and choosing "Download linked file" (or similar, depending on your browser).
Do not left-click on it and then do a File | Save, as this will cut off part of the file.

Friday, August 23

1. Don't forget that class on Monday will be held in Allen 14!
2. I've put together a worksheet for the Math Review session this afternoon, linked here. (Typo fixed in updated version of same day 5:30pm)

Wednesday, August 21

Hint: I hope you all recognize hw0 #10 as a problem requiring partial fractions. The hint is that, since the highest term in the top has the same degree as the highest term in the bottom (i.e., x2), you'll have to do polynomial long division before setting up the partial fractions. See Chapter 7.4, Example 1 for a very quick overview of this, or this site has a slower and more careful discussion of polynomial long division.
Partial fractions and polynomial long division will come back around again, especially when we discuss power series!

Monday, August 19

Homework 0 is now posted to Webassign. It is a mixed bag of derivatives and integrals.
Your webassign username is your netid, and your initial password is your student ID number (please change this on your first login).

Monday, August 19

Welcome to Calc 3. The Syllabus and Schedule are linked at the left.
Homeworks will be on Webassign, which many of you will be familiar with from an earlier class.

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