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MA 2733 (Calculus 3), Sections 1 and 7, Fall 2012

Tuesday, December 18

If you're interested, the two versions of the final are available here and here.

This page will remain for posterity, at least for the foreseeable future, at the permanent link of (Note the f12 part.)

Sunday, December 16

Final grades are posted. Your grade on the final exam is available by request. I hope to be around my office Monday afternoon and most of Tuesday if you'd like to see your graded exam.

A word on how the grades were calculated: I mapped each exam score to a 0-100 range, roughly corresponding to the reported approximate exam grades on each exam. I then weighted the exams/homework/mathematica as in the syllabus. (I also applied some alternate weightings, corresponding to mitigating a single bad midterm exam or rewarding progressive improvement on exams.) I then took your grades on a 'straight' 100 point scale.
I dropped up to 3 homeworks, excluding the final one. I dropped half of a Mathematica assignment.
The median overall grade was a 73, corresponding to a mid-to-high C.

Wednesday, December 5

As promised, since this week I'm not as available as usual, I've written some solutions to Worksheet 5.

Tuesday, December 4

Per our agreement on the last day of class, you may bring into the exam a single sheet of paper of size less than or equal to 8.5 x 11.

Tuesday, December 4

Topics for the Final include:
     EXAM 1 TOPICS +
     EXAM 2 TOPICS +
     EXAM 3 TOPICS +
     Relation between power series coefficients and derivatives
     Taylor series definition
     Using the Taylor series definition to find power series reps for ex and similarly nice functions
     Using operations on power series to find power series reps for ex2 and similarly nice functions
     Application to calculating definite integrals

You should be prepared to explain anything we did in class 11/26, 11/30, or 12/3.

Monday, December 3

1. Per the final exam schedule set by the registrar, if you are enrolled in the 9am section, then your final exam time is Monday 8am. If you are enrolled in the 10am section, then your final exam time is Friday 8am.
2. Please attend your scheduled final exam time as above, unless you make prior arrangements with me. I expect all such arrangements to be made by Wednesday.
3. In other news, here is the worksheet from class today.

Sunday, December 2

There is a small typo on the Mathematica assignment problem #5. My intention is for you to compare the actual value of e.g. e3, with the value of the polynomial p(x) from the 1st part of the problem at x=3.

I.e., you're seeing experimentally how accurate the approximation of ex by a partial sum of the Taylor series is!

Saturday, December 1

I've written solutions for Exam 3. For your convenience, I've collected links to all the exams and solutions here:
     Exam 3     /     Exam 3 solutions
     Exam 2     /     Exam 2 solutions
     Exam 1     /     Exam 1 solutions

Also note: I'd said earlier in the semester that I planned to have a make-up Mathematica assignment. Unfortunately, there is just not time for anything extra at this point. What I'll do instead is mitigate the negative effect of a (single) missed Mathematica assignment on your grade.
Regardless, it is definitely to your advantage to get in the M3 assignment due on Tuesday!

Friday, November 30

An estimate of the grade distribution on Exam 3 is as follows:
     34+    = A
     28-33 = B
     18-27 = C
       7-17 = D
The lowest score was 0, highest 44, and median 14.

A pdf of the exam is available here. I will post solutions as soon as I can get them written. The True/False answers are FFTTF.

Wednesday, November 28

The third and last Mathematica assignment has been posted. As usual, right-click and choose "Download linked file..." or similar to save it to your local machine.
This is due next Tuesday, Dec 4, the last day of classes.
You should have plenty of time to get it done by then, and I heartily recommend that you do so; but if last week craziness keeps you from doing so, then I'll accept the assignment a day late with no questions.

Monday, November 26

Extra office hours for exam 2:
Today: Worksheet Workshop 4-7pm in Allen 411.
Tues: 9-10am, 2-3pm
Wednesday office hours are cancelled.

Monday, November 19

Here is the worksheet from class today.
Also, the Mathematica 2 assignments have now been returned to your MSState email. Please email me if you have any questions/concerns about them. Expect a Mathematica 3 assignment to be due the last day of classes.

Saturday, November 17

The homework from Friday's lecture is now up. To give you maximum flexibility, it is due on Monday Nov 26, i.e., the Monday after break.
Please note that the homework from this coming Monday's lecture will also be due the same day. You'll likely want to give yourself some time on these assignments!

Monday, November 12

The worksheet we discussed today in class is available.
Update: fixed typo in #2. Sum from 0 to infinity was undefined due to division by 0; changed to sum from 1 to infinity.

Monday, November 5

The worksheet we discussed today in class is available. A typo on Problem 1a (backwards inequalities) is fixed in this version.

Thursday, November 1

I've now posted Solutions for Exam 2.

An estimate of the grade distribution on Exam 2 is as follows:
     35+    = A
     29-34 = B
     19-28 = C
       8-18 = D
The lowest score was 0, highest 42, and median 23.

Monday, October 29

As promised, Mathematical assignment 2 has been posted. Due next Monday, Nov 5. Right-click and download the linked file.

Also available is the worksheet we discussed today in class.

Monday, October 22

Webassign seems to be having some trouble tonight, so I went ahead and gave everyone an extra 24 hours on the homework.

Sunday, October 21

Derivations from class that would be fair game for the exam include:

     Dot product formula for planes
     Differentiation rules for vector functions
     The |T'| / |r'| formula for curvature (from definition in terms of arc-length parametrization)
     Orthogonality of T and T'
     The T, N expression for acceleration

Tuesday, October 9

Hw16 is up slightly late, so I've give you an extra day to do it (until Saturday evening).
Note that problem 3 walks you through a different way of calculating the curvature of a circle. (We'll talk more about this on Wednesday.)

Tuesday, October 2

Solutions to Exam 1 are now posted.

Sunday, September 29

An estimate of the grade distribution on the exam is as follows:
     37+    = A
     31-36 = B
     21-30 = C
     10-20 = D

Tuesday, September 24

Here is a mock exam, with a format similar to what you should expect tomorrow. (The questions tomorrow will obviously be much more serious!)

Sunday, September 16

The Mathematica 1 assignment is graded, and will be returned by email.
A number of you, particularly in the 9am section, seemed to have misunderstood the due-date on this. It is possible that I communicated this unclearly; in any case, I will give an extra Mathematica assignment at the end of the semester as a make-up for those who missed this assignment (or simply were unhappy with their grade).

Wednesday, September 12

Webassign was down for several hours this morning. In case this seriously inconvenienced any of you, I've put the deadline on hw6 back 24 hours.

Wednesday, September 12

On #4 of hw6 due tonight, read "use a calculator" as "setup the integral, then use Wolfram Alpha/Mathematica to evaluate it".

Tuesday, September 11

"Practice another version" was previously turned on only after the due date. At request, I've turned it on before the due date also.

I also want to point out that _after_ the due date, Webassign has an "Answer key" button, which will show you answers for all problems, and solutions (with steps explained) for many/most problems.

Saturday, September 8

Solutions to the first Mathematica assignment are now posted.

Friday, September 7

Further hints on hw4 #10:
The interesting zero of dy/dx will be when (cos^2 theta - a) = 0, for some undisclosed value of a. Then cos theta = sqrt(a), and sin^2 theta = 1 - a. You can then plug these into your formula for y.
Webassign wants more precision than what your calculator will give, and you need to enter your answer in symbolic form, which will involve sqrt(a).

Since I'm posting this hint so late, I've extended the due date of the homework until Sunday.

Friday, September 7

It has been pointed out that the algebra/trig on hw4 #10 gets very involved.
1. It is possible (though involved) to do by hand, using a calculator to find arccos, etc.
2. But it would be very reasonable to ask Mathematica, Wolfram Alpha, or similar to simplify/solve this one.
3. The angle where the max occurs will not be particularly nice. Remember that the problem asks for a y-value, and not a theta-value.

Wednesday, September 5

If you are using Internet Explorer, and left-click on the link to the assignment in your browser, it will load Mathematica inside Internet Explorer. You are likely to have trouble saving your completed assignment from there. Instead, right-click on the link to the assignment, choose "Save Target As..." and download it to your Desktop (or other favorite directory.) If you then double-click it from Windows Explorer, it will correctly come up in Mathematica.

Make sure that the extension of the file is .nb. If it's .txt or some other extension, then Mathematica won't know what to do with it!

Tuesday, September 4

Some of you have expressed apprehension about exponential and trig functions. To ease your mind and help you review, I am posting here two sheets: an exponential review sheet and a trig review sheet. Each one has in one page-front-and-back most of what you need to know about that family of functions.
Please note that I didn't manage to fit the "half-angle formula" that we used for integrating sin2 on the trig review sheet, although it follows from the angle sum formulas.

Monday, September 3

For hw3 #5: For "Use your calculator", read "use your favorite computational tool". This might be Mathematica or Wolfram Alpha.

Wednesday, August 29

Homework 3 is now up.

On #4, the parameter will go from 0 to 2pi.
On #7, you'll want to do some algebra to get rid of the square root. Try to recognize the thing inside the square root as a square...

Wednesday, August 29

I had the wrong template set for hw2, and it was only allowing 3 attempts at problems. I've corrected that -- it should now allow 100.

Monday, August 27

The first Mathematica assignment is available here. (As with the Getting Started file, you'll probably need to right-click and do "Save Link As...", or similar, depending on your web browser.)

Getting help:
If you need help with Mathematica, the computer lab in Allen 414 is staffed with helpful grad students (who are experts in Mathematica) on M-Th evenings, from 3-7pm.
If you need help on general homework, the Learning Center also has tutoring available M-Th afternoons, in Allen 266.
(And of course you can stop by my own office hours, 11:30 - 12:30 on class days, or by appointment.)

Monday, August 27

We'll talk through the "Getting Started" tutorial written by Professor Len Miller, linked here.

Sunday, August 26

Reminder: class tomorrow will be held in Allen 14. Bring your laptop (with Mathematica installed), if you have one and plan to use Mathematica on it.

Friday, August 24

I've set my office hours to be 11:30am - 12:30pm MWF. Please also feel free to buttonhole me after class, or send me questions by email.

Homework 2 is now posted.

Wednesday, August 22

There seems to be a little confusion about how to install Mathematica for home use. Follow the link in the syllabus ( ), and click on "Mathematica 8.0 for Home Use".
It'll give you (after entering some info and netid/password) a download link, as well as some instructions.

Mississippi State has a site license, and you should not have to buy a copy.

Mathematica is also available in the Allen 414 computer lab. The Allen 414 computer lab will also be staffed with helpful grad students who know Mathematica on M-Th, 3-7pm.

Wednesday, August 22

The first homework is now posted, due at 11:59pm Monday.
The "technology exercise" on the cycloid at the beginning you will likely find very easy. If you have time, you might find it interesting to also examine the hypercycloid, which models a circle rolling on the inside of a greater circle.

Monday, August 20

Welcome to Calc 3. The Syllabus and Schedule are linked at the left.
Homeworks will be on Webassign, which many of you will be familiar with from an earlier class.
Your login to Webassign is your netid. Your intial password is your student id number (with no dashes, just a 9 digit number). Please change the password on your first login.

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