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AMS special section on Topological Combinatorics

October 17-18, 2015
University of Memphis, Memphis TN

Abstract submission deadline was August 25th, 2015.

  Eric Gottlieb gottlieb .at. rhodes , edu
  Russ Woodroofe       rwoodroofe .at. math , msstate , edu

University of Memphis, Psychology Building room 244
Hotels, registration, and similar information can be found on the AMS webpage.
Additional local information can be found on this page put up by the University of Memphis.

Schedule: linked here

Bruno Benedetti      (slides)
Mahir Can      (slides)
Harrison Chapman      (slides)
Ruth Davidson      (slides)
Anton Dochtermann      (slides)
Richard Ehrenborg      (slides)
Rafael González D'león      (slides)
Steve Klee      (slides)
Matt Macauley      (slides)
Jeremy Martin      (slides)
Kyle Petersen
Jose Samper      (slides)
Bernd Schroeder      (slides)
Jay Schweig      (slides)
John Shareshian
Sheila Sundaram      (slides)
Michelle Wachs      (slides)
Catherine Yan      (slides)

Clock: Some of you indicated interest in the clock we used. Here is the specific clock we used. (Right-click on the preceding link and choose "Save link as..." or similar to save.) You can find several variations on the clock here.

See also the official AMS webpage for the section.

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